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Youtube Poop Avgn kills Irate Gamer

Youtube Poop Avgn kills Irate Gamer

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  • Feb 21 2014 - Bores sucks forevermore.
  • April 12 2012 - If Bores sucked even harder he'd be giving the Universe a blowjob!
  • May 9 2011 - Bores sucks even harder
  • June 6 2010 - Chris Bores continues to suck
  • July 3 2009 - This wiki is created!

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The Irate Gaymer, also known as Chris Bores, Chris Bores Me to Death, Chris Boredom, or The Bores. A douchebag that thinks he is the best thing to happen since the Xbox 360. He rips of the Angry Video Game Nerd countless times by saying the exact same things as the AVGN.

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